The role of links in Google search registration

Google attaches great importance to the site links, which is also reflected in the export link (out-going/outbound links) assessment. First you need to ensure that your site is "properly linked to other sites", that is to say if your website only external backlinks and no outbound links, even if not necessarily affect you successfully registered Google search engine, but also on your site in the search results show a negative impact.

, of course, there is no link between the export of a very rare situation, unless you deliberately do so. Under normal circumstances, we will naturally add some other websites on the web page links, we think it is important to lead the visitors to or can provide more valuable information, this is the so-called "second laws of search engine".


you will finally attract visitors over time to others, not only help Google a busy, but from the information retrieval in general, you also search for other good thing to do, because you will make the link including Google, search engines are able to more accurately determine which is the most valuable information for the user. So Google will advise you "link to other sites".

but please note that there is a modifier in front of the word "properly", meaning that you do not even have to other sites, but can not be arbitrary, or Google will give you a good look! So what is the "properly"?

The first and most important thing about

is to connect the link to what you think is the most interesting thing for the visitor. This is something we will do, needless to say.

second, do not set too many outbound links on the home page. This is not the Google has a clear request, but we summed up the experience from practice. We have more than once to see the home page is almost all export links to the site, its PageRank is gray, it is clear that Google was not included in the value of the site.

it is easy to be ignored, is to check whether the current outbound links connected to the punishment by Google website, once found to quickly connect removed, otherwise it will be considered a member of "Google bad neighborhood", was punished by the doom.

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