Wang Tong what is the most important skill of network marketing director

Wang Tong:

1, set target

2, good execution plan

3, the most important to make a summary report

report is the core of the data, the number of inputs, how much output, the final data growth has not. The role of the workplace must change ideas, doing things on the one hand, thinking and summary is more important than doing.

problem: just into the network marketing this line, like me this little white what to learn knowledge, how to learn, how to learn, in order to quickly grow into a network marketing expert?

Wang Tong: my article "novice how to learn network marketing", read a few times.

learning methods, not blind. Listen and watch, and then refined out of practice, the practice of dry cargo, share. For not all, each learned a trick to use, run out summary, share. Master is on the simple action to the extreme, not every confused look.

practice and sharing, more important than watching.

if you can do it my way for 3 months, you can be a master.

so you must have your own ideas. Learn, understand, use, practice, is the real will. See a lot, just know, know not equal to.

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