Does your website have the value of promotion

a lot of webmasters in the blind to promote their own website, so that 10 Internet users came to your site, if there is a look at the 9 immediately leave, such a promotion is very meaningless. Before you promote your site, think about the value of your site. Promotion is important, more important to retain users.

1, your website content is original?

Internet users come in to see, the content of this site I have seen in other places, certainly greatly reduced interest. If your website content is novel, the one and only, can let the users themselves, perhaps users of your stand to my favorites.

2, is it useful to users?

here is useful for users, is a relatively vague concept. In general, a website should be locked in the early stages of a particular user group. The site is too broad, not because it is difficult to impress. I would like to browse the integrated portal, users are more willing to choose Sina, NetEase, Sohu bar.

3, whether to keep updated

well, you keep the user. Second days, third days is the user to your site look, if you don’t keep it updated, every day is an old face. Users gradually tired of your aesthetic, will not come again. (of course, except for tools)

4, whether to allow users to really benefit from the site

, for example, have a netizen to meet new friends through your website, he will feel your site has value; there is a netizen on your website to download a movie to see him very much, he will feel your site has value; there is a netizen to buy tickets to your site by fire and he will feel your site has value.

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