Marketing Book free soft release platform summary

in the "marketing treasure: how to quickly establish contacts" in the article, the author has had to write to friends, and to share some suitable soft place and everyone, today to tell you.

note: here, said the soft refers to the promotion of the market and the relevant personnel to experience the exchange of articles.

a, DoNews

needless to say, engage in media friends should know. Here, a lot of expert master, here is definitely the best choice of exchange. Not only to make friends, but also to get the guidance of predecessors. But here to apply for columns need to be certified, to tell the truth, the process is a bit slow.

two, TechWeb

is also a major site for the industry, but not high visibility DoNews. There are no columns, only blogs, but the application is a bit slow.

three, Ai Rui column

famous consulting group iResearch to build the site, good content. Its biggest advantage is its news source for Baidu, so you are here to publish the article, will be included in Baidu news. His column application process is relatively fast, friends can try. Here to remind you that after the application is successful, we must add some of the circle.

four, PCW expert column (friends answer column)


company, a puff, hey. Friends of the computer network is the world’s efforts to build a new platform, the current ranking is growing very fast. A friend of the application process is also very simple to ensure that you apply for a pass, as the effect is not to say, so as not to have suspected advertising, anyway, you use to know.

tips: the original Jiang Likun (MESS), want to see more articles please search jianglikun column, please keep the reprinted copyright information.

five, Adsense website


webmaster website is for the webmaster service, but there is no lack of folk masters, but also a lot of practitioners. Here are three key recommendations.

1, China Adsense station: old Adsense station, submission process is very simple, do not have to register, and audit is very fast.

2, Admin5: Webmaster Station in the bright younger generation, is also very easy to contribute, but more than a registration process than Chinese webmaster station.

3, the laggards: a webmaster class forum, very famous, but closed registration, which is a good content.

six, SNS site

SNS is now very fire, especially the media practitioners, very keen. For the purpose of communication for us, of course, can not let go. Recommend the happy net, Hainei, 5G, TW classmates, above the industry very much, especially after two, almost all industry personnel.


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