Brand promotion is more important than the chain

look at the major forums, especially the webmaster forum, guardian found a very common phenomenon: many friends like to reprint a post, and then add a link. There are a lot of friends racing to grab the sofa, in order to more chain. We ask such behavior sense? Today on the website promotion and protect everyone misunderstanding problems.

generally speaking, we all agree that the forum is one of the best ways to promote. Lead to the majority of owners and part of the SEO workers crazy in the forum post, top posts, set up a signature file, grab the sofa, and even in the soft area of a large number of soft Wen released. Many webmaster friends at least 6 of the time used in the above. Even if the management of these forums do not delete these content, we think it useful? How many of these chains are successful? There are a few people will look at the meaning of these chains?

successful promotion should not only be built on the URL link, the site is facing the user of the Chinese public, everyone in the search time is not the URL of the Chinese input. So we should change the strategy and direction. Understand the common search methods, and strive to create their own brand, to promote their own brand is a way to improve. My friends stand in a row forum to do so, and good results.

for the chain, the number is not in the essence, the appropriateness of the promotion of soft. It is important to create their own brands, brand in front of the website is the clouds, and who will remember your site? A simple analogy: how many people can immediately say Google’s website domain name is what? Rarely, but Google, but no one knows. This is the difference. For Chinese people, Chinese characters are more important than letters. So promote the station name, to promote their own brand is the key.

how does a website determine its own brand


one: to have their own characteristics, the best one. For example: Baidu. He found the degreeses, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim. Clever use of the word, to the brand effect.

two: to know how to play. Sohu’s products Sogou is a good example: others Sohu, we sogou.

three: using special metaphors. Take Tencent Inc, a simple message, including communication, information and other reminiscent of things.

set up their own brand, with their own brand promotion relative to the web site what are the advantages of the brand?. In communicating with people in the fame is often emboldened. The so-called name is not correct. Another advantage of brand promotion is easy to remember, for the people. Usually speak Chinese, write Chinese characters. The Chinese characters are the easiest to remember in their own impression.

said so much, you may have questions: should we give up the original >

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