Do marketing Do you do these five indicators

today more and more enterprises to do business through the network, with the rise of online payment and mobile payment, such network operators will be more and more. But no matter what your business is, you need to know what to do when it comes to bringing new potential customers into the sales relationship.


VerticalResponse is an American in the self-help email, marketing activities, online survey, and direct mail solutions leader, his CEO and founder of JaninePopick, recently on the Internet written about them for the conversion of potential customers into customers, from top to bottom, 5 key indicators they pay close attention to the.


almost any business is interested in having more high-quality visitors to the site, JaninePopick is no exception. They will use a lot of ways to bring traffic to their website, including paid search, advertising, repositioning the target, the content of the destruction, etc.. By sharing this lethal content in a variety of channels, from social media to other authorized website, let them extend their information to a very broad, may use their products and services in the crowd.

they pay special attention to their traffic, they will use the Google analysis, and like many other companies, they will become the whole process of tracking how to convert the free use of the registration of incoming traffic, until it became a paying customer.

conversion rate

in VerticalResponse, they offer 30 days of free use for those who sign up for their services. An important indicator is the number of free trial to track the final payment customers. They will also know how long it will take. If you have a free product and service, learn how much conversion rate, and in the process, what can help you make some key decisions.

, for example, in a beginner’s free trial, they send out a series of helpful email to encourage people to try different parts of their application. In the end, they hope that these people will send a good, involved in the email or in the social media say something. By knowing how long it will take for a person to do such a typical conversion, they will be very careful about the number and frequency of these email information, as low as possible to optimize the user experience. And the process is worth the effort, there will never be a beginning, a middle and an end.


Each member of the

JaninePopick team has a goal to help them achieve revenue, and, like most businesses, they are highly alert to it every day. Based on last year’s figures, trends, seasons

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