How to use the network to soft marketing

how to understand the soft marketing?

in the vast sea, looking down from a height, a round like cotton jellyfish floating in the blue ocean, they are floating invertebrate animal, only a few weeks of life, and small animal husbandry fish together for a living, others envy is jellyfish three generations of the social life, called drift gens, they life on the earth have been around for 650 million years, the vitality of the forces people admire.

soft like jellyfish, sea drift in the net is the journey of life, from the beginning of the day of birth, it is doomed to wandering, and must take the "small animal husbandry fish", otherwise step to what distance? Little animal husbandry of soft fish is implicit in article in some motivation.


Dong Tiance in his "news · PR · interactive advertising research" in the book a soft Wen mentioned more generally is: the enterprise through the planning, in newspapers, magazines or Internet media published can enhance the corporate brand image and reputation, promote the enterprise marketing a series of publicity, this article. Including specific news reports, articles, essays, advertising pay depth case analysis, "soft," it is also known as "advertising literature".

V-ING network marketing is the so-called soft, with some business motivation style; and marketing is the realization of individual and group motivation through writing, directly or indirectly, reach the purpose of trade or exchange of marketing. If from the perspective of soft advertising, can be compared with hard advertising.

I think it can be compared with hard advertising, but can not be compared with hard advertising.

As is known to all, hard advertising is a kind of pure advertisement, which is direct and widely publicized by

. In the soft, such as sales letters, advertising copy, investment promotion, etc., they are with a hard advertising nature of the soft.

is currently mainly represented by individuals, groups, including the enterprise, studio, shop, etc.. In fact, professionals such as insurance consultants, lawyers, writers, designers, nutritionists, investment advisers, hairdressers, trainers and completely through (blog) the form of soft, constantly promote their professional services.

such as professor Wang Jianguo before the publication of "1P theory", first published a number of articles or to elaborate the theory of essence; now published "cultural marketing", also published a paper first described his views. This is the An army marches on its stomach., to ensure the "cultural marketing" a book full time visibility, and then choose the date of listing, in order to sales success. Without any input, just a small article, just right to promote their new book.

so soft marketing with its low cost, wide spread, quick effect and so on, more and more enterprises pay attention to. From the health care industry to the real estate to the field of IT, you can say that the soft marketing in the sale and not sell to improve the performance of the enterprise, in the fight against the war in the fight against the opponent, in the rescue and save the lifting of the enterprise >

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