Network marketing training to help students achieve employment

every time a college graduate, will always hear a lot of complaints about the difficulty of employment of College students. Difficult employment of college students has become a major social problem. Relevant departments have come up with a lot of measures to solve the employment of College graduates. In fact, many times, or college students mentality caused a certain degree of difficulty in employment. After graduating from college, they always hope to find a good job. Find a job with a high salary and an easy job. Did not take into account the current social environment and personal ability size. Always blindly to raise their career standards. However, now the enterprise, in the recruitment of staff, are hoping to recruit to have a certain working experience, for academic requirements, can be relaxed. And college students, is precisely the lack of work experience. This led to the enterprise can not recruit the right people, graduates can not find a suitable job.

we are engaged in the work of network promotion friends know, with the continuous development of the industry, the demand for high-quality talent is also increasing. Before the author wrote an article "how far away from the university network promotion," the article, the text of the network to promote the market demand and employment of the emerging profession into a simple analysis. In the Internet industry, friends are aware of the network promotion, network marketing for any Internet Co, any web site needs. Although the author engaged in this industry is not a long time, but the prospects for the development of this industry is very promising, high expectations. A friend said, "in the future, everyone can become a webmaster". As a webmaster, you should not only know the site technology. At the same time you must also be familiar with the network promotion.

from the author previously wrote this article can be seen, the network to promote the industry needs far more than many traditional industries. But now the number of practitioners is much lower than demand, especially some large Internet companies, the demand for high-quality practitioners, it is difficult to meet. In some time ago, a Beijing friend asked me to help find two have some experience of the network popularization personnel, a monthly salary of 5K, but also provide housing, although the salary in the industry is not high, but can provide housing for places like Beijing high cost of land, rent a house to around 1K now, here, was very good. The results of the circle of familiar friends asked, did not find the right, some of the relevant experience is less, and some are working, do not want to quit.

according to the current situation, the level of high and low network promotion personnel, many of them are not professionally trained, only enter this line by the relevant experience of articles, or by advance into the industry friends to impart relevant experience. In fact, the author is such a person, is a friend to bring me into this line, but I am more fortunate than others, with my friends is the industry leader. However, luck people like me should be few, so I suggest to enter this industry, or ready to enter the industry friends, best can carry out the relevant business level training through formal training institutions, so as to have a higher starting point, a >

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