Who said to die rather than death deliberately business transformation are nonsense.


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about the traditional corporate restructuring cases I have written several previous cases in most of the enterprises are reconstructing business model to achieve the transformation, or the whole industrial system under the part of the realization of the Internet and the gorgeous intelligent. Later, a lot of friends and I discussed the necessity and importance of the transformation. In fact, many enterprise transformation is not deliberate, but the ability to do it at a critical moment to achieve the transformation of an important strategic decision may seem simple. But this is a simple enough to have a good understanding of the industry and the industry, the recognition of the cross-border and the right time.

today I want to talk about this case is an intelligent hardware, a public offering in Taobao to break through the sale of 15 million, was BAT, Jingdong and millet simultaneously issued a strategic cooperation with the big smart door locks invited by the five. As a typical case for the transformation of Internet Co, while other traditional companies are exploring how to transition, the company has with a smart lock transformation into a Internet Co. How do they do to the traditional enterprise reference what are not all intelligent hardware companies can be so the following, through this case to discuss with you?.

Transformation: the transformation path of Mann Shen Yunsuo

is Yunsuo intelligent door lock products Manchester Shen Xi’an Huijing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the company focused on security products for 11 years, and has 7 years of experience in the development of intelligent Home Furnishing. Affected by the Renaissance and the rise of intelligent hardware hardware, intelligent Home Furnishing again after the fiery, Hui Jing Science and technology have begun to focus on the development of intelligent hardware, because all appliances in the smart Home Furnishing are facing by intelligent. After a long period of observation and research, Hui Jing believes that the best way to get access to the family data is "the lock on the door". Because only the lock at the same time to meet the need, high frequency and can not be easily replaced.


, launched in 2015, the price is only the common fingerprint lock market price 1/3, 10 minutes of easy installation, intelligent fingerprint and connected with a mobile phone lock core, Taobao raised the sales amount exceeded 15 million, at the same time, also with the help of Huijing Mann Shen Yunsuo successful transition to Internet Co. In fact, this is also all family intelligent locks and accurate data collector. This means that, in addition to the hardware part of the profit model, which extends behind the big data resources is the most profitable tool, while its loyal users is also a considerable community. In the future, Hui Jing can do a variety of business models through big data, will become a huge cloud of household data library.

reference: enterprise transformation, to the flow of

Viagra believes that manshin transformation to the traditional enterprise biggest inspiration is the transformation of the way with them. Of course, the success of the transition can also seize the opportunity to have a certain relationship. From the view of the process of transformation, Manshen first accumulated enough experience on Intelligent Home Furnishing

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