Website promotion is the best natural

      now people buy foods that are green and do not add any chemical additives. So this is not the site to promote this? Website promotion whether overseas website promotion or domestic website promotion. The end of the search engine marketing (SEM), including two kinds of free search engine marketing (SEO) 2 paid SEM search engine marketing ().

      then paid search engine marketing is just like a variety of chemical additives, hormones. A short period of time will bring a lot of traffic to your site and some target customers. But in the long run, it is better to free search engine marketing (SEO, etc.). Why do you say that? We consider the following two aspects:

      1 economic aspects: paid search engine marketing, including PPC advertising and search engine PPC [PPC is the abbreviation of the English Pay Per Click form, which means that the Chinese Click paid advertising. Pay per click advertising is the most common form of online advertising for large companies. This method is expensive, but the effect is also good. For example, Sohu and Sina banner advertising on the home page. Search engine ranking is to the domestic popular search engine Baidu, YAHOO and Google, and then pay a certain amount of fees and then click on the amount of factors such as search engines pay. Paid search engine marketing often have to pay a lot of financial resources, which is not included in the competition for malicious clicks pay. If the search engine marketing planning and planning before doing enough words, often can not get ideal effect The loss outweighs the gain.

      2 potential psychological factors: some customers are now more exclusive advertising. Most Internet users have been able to distinguish between the natural ranking of search engines in the rankings and the difference between ppc. (behind Baidu PPC words with the "promotion" of the word, Google and Yahoo would be with "sponsored link words") a lot of customers the subconscious is not very trust to do PPC search engine site. Because now you can perhaps only pay good rankings.

      free search engine marketing: search engine optimization SEO

      SEO is to take a series of strategies to the site ranked in the top free search engine search results. This collection is called " organic list " or " natural list ". In fact, you can dominate the site was included in the way, so as to improve the ranking of the site – the method is to cast a good search engine. All you have to do is to optimize your site, and the search engine will pay more attention to it. Well, we all know that whatever we do now has a question

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