Let the forum PV shot up top secret internal data


is the title of the party on the network using a variety of a handful of creative eye-catching title, spontaneous organization to achieve various personal purpose of netizens. The main behavior of the post title is simply exaggerated, post content is usually nothing to do with the title or little contact. Recently, the title of the party’s increasingly turbulent, must be closely related to the attention of the relevant.

down the title of the party, we must achieve!


BBS Title: it’s so painful? So loud!


BBS Title: Candid climax beauty. After the fact that it is open

the nature of the title party

what is the purpose of the party?

is the title of the party, some people are for fun or boring reason, intention to other users; and the more the title of the Party member is for some inconvenience to them, in order to attract attention, increase the click rate, the majority of users and malicious deception.

here, we need to pay attention to and fight the title of Party members for the latter.

The harm of

vicious title party

tells people, "the title of the party" is a must resolutely cut off cancer, "the title of the party" is a must resolutely ban illegal cult.

, a waste of time users to deceive the feelings of friends.

two, the title of the behavior of the party will make friends because of being cheated, and miss the real valuable information, causing the wolf to the tragedy.

three, full of "sex" and "violence" and "sin" and other words, serious pollution of layout, to witness the shocking.

BBS Title Title: full ballet female photo. Open it is a tree, as shown in figure.


university girl in bed, after opening a bed and quilt. Figure


super beauty play 2 JJ. As above

is the title of the party is how to make

advanced example:

Title: the primary stage of university girls were raped, the campus safety road where is


comments: ", female college students, rape and other words have a certain appeal, well done.

intermediate stage Title: Peking University beautiful girl was raped in public, the crowd

comments: Peking University is well-known institutions of our country, there are topics. Beautiful female college students to further enhance the degree of attraction. "Crowd" easy to cause concern "

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