Analysis of the flow of business opportunities

campus is the largest SNS community. Where there is a lot of traffic. Flow = rmb.

personal home page can be seen as a small blog site. Easy to use the site to make money. But the only drawback is that the flow can not come from the search engine.

but a good site does not require Baidu to bring traffic. That is to say a good personal home page can completely get rid of Baidu. Stick to the customer, not to mention the school has a more unique advantages than personal website.

advantage one: the most recent visitor functions, as well as the message function.

guestbook application Ajax Technology (I guess). So the message is very convenient. For the website, or personal blog message this is impossible for the message so. Because the advertising too much, it will increase the verification level. This point the message than the personal website more convenient. By giving others comments and comments, you can get about 1:0.6 traffic (I guess, no statistics). So, if you want to get 1000 traffic, just a day to go to some of the popular MM or GG message. Or published novel things, it is easy to get 1000 flow.

advantage two: School sharing function. Web2.0 paradigm.

has a lot of experts in a number of Webmaster Station published the use of the school to create a shared function on the flow of thousands of articles. I’m not talking about it. You have a good idea, collect good resources, make a list of statistics, it is easy for some friends to share. But this article must be carefully structured, do not be afraid to waste time, because your article the better, the more people to share, the greater the flow. The article should include your personal home page links, this method is similar to soft. But it is recognized by the high quality soft wen.

advantage three: campus group function.

do not have to log in every day the forum registered account, an account can be registered in a number of school campus group, the school group in the daily propaganda can bring traffic. Group N, find a bit higher popularity is easy. Also do not have to enter the URL, click the mouse can be completed on the task of advertising, the better is your advertising is to promote your home page, the administrator will not delete.

advantage four: school head propaganda.

this is very simple, the head into a beautiful girl or handsome photos. Then you will find a lot of armed will can’t help came to your page. But in order to be true, be sure to upload some more, create some of their own (or not their own) photo album. Popularity can also be recommended to the school after the home page, such as the popularity of the king position.

advantage five: school friends new features.

add friends. Every day you do things will be the first time on their home page. Imagine if you were on a daily basis

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