Push one how to promote local talent website

with the popularity of the network, choose to do local websites more and more friends. I am very optimistic about the local website, it should be said that this is a competition of smaller, less risk, prospects and development needs of the virgin. Today, Jiang Likun will come and join us to explore the operation of local talent website promotion.

user questions: first of all, to introduce my website, website: http://s.51ywjob.com/, on-line time: October 4, 2008, target keywords: Yiwu talent network, Yiwu. The crux of the current: Keywords ranking. This request you push a website to show me how to do the diagnosis of wolf should be in the promotion, at the same time, this is similar to the local station to the point of good advice. Thank you!

secret elderly your recruitment website for Yiwu, and there is most wholesale, and the recent production industry will soon reach the avalanche degree! I think you this kind of website recently in this environment, the post will not be too much! If you can survive in the region next year you can gain a foothold


jobs think the best way to allow enterprises to publish this post love, how to cheat on you want! (but not money, not only money, but also give him the benefits, what benefits? Of course is very cheap for you is more difficult for enterprises, I would say the following! You do so) by the end of next year, the year after the

is back!

now talk about how to give good business, you have to understand, now the enterprise is very weak, you in 09 years you don’t want to have a penny in their side (of course, a bit exaggerated). Especially the production, so their status is very weak, you should give timely assistance, what? I said to you very cheap, for them is a very real thing! It is you establish a local free enterprise portal station, this station, one of the most important function is very easy the company production site.

why do you want to build enterprise site for the enterprise? You want to highlight the following

1, you are free (I think you can be free for one year, or two years) and other one or two years after the release of the recruitment information only to make their site to retain.

2, usually companies to build a station do not talk about less than three thousand or four thousand, you help them save.

3, enterprise website space is indispensable, you help them save the two hundred or three hundred.

4, you can help the company free of charge their own top-level domain name bound to his corporate propaganda station. Must be free, companies face, and sometimes face is more important than money! (


5, your site is to help companies generate through keyword optimization, which means that Baidu can more effectively find you, many enterprises do very fancy is flash is actually not play our promotion effect.

6, we this >

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