f you can not have both marketing must have set of primary and secondary rules

the past two years, with the popularity of the Internet culture and entertainment, big brands, traditional brands sell adorable, playing got cheap, soft girl, adorable uncle route from the orthodox, branded to young state, let us laugh in receiving their marketing information.

some people eager to change, want to learn soft adorable cheap play, and they want to keep their own high force accent, so between the two ways to go into the final one, neither fish nor fowl look.

line out of the champion, everything good marketing!

is very important, it relates to your user group preferences, or directly related to your user location, strong direct change, your users to drive out another style; perseverance to maintain the traditional brand, good product quality and quantity will still because of a poem spread online and offline.

the Imperial Palace Taobao soft Meng cheap contrast brings good marketing:

to play the Imperial Palace "the Imperial Palace Taobao soft adorable cheap" itself has a big advantage: the the Imperial Palace, not the traditional sense of the distant violations exist, and the existing network culture contrast, this contrast has brought many young users sought.

if the carrying out of the high position "attitude, does not necessarily mean they don’t love the Imperial Palace, but it is clear that the user can turn the world upside down circle changes occur immediate, high profile can attract young artists, with traditional culture people, or to visit the the Imperial Palace visitors……

is to attract young people, this soft Meng cheap strategy is more suitable for modern people.

Remember that

was a spoof of the "SixGod" (Liu Shen)? It sounds a tall like Chanel flavor, the other is a well-known, hand can be a bottle of Liushen Florida Water, this contrast effect can also bring unexpected strong marketing results for Liu Shen.

is intended to give this example: many times you think you don’t fit with the style, the environment is also a good way of marketing.

so, when you have opinions with the party, you must stick to your guns? No, you need to prioritize the main line or


, for example, when all employees in the imagination of their more favorable time to work, you must make a humane, generally let the public satisfaction rules; marketing after listening to the main marketing boss, you need to do is select your desired scheme on the basis of professional. Not every sentence to his supervisor.

you want to get a good marketing effect, affected by the masses more, rather than policy makers, however, the decision makers and determines the direction of your action, choose a line with him, the most favorable for the details for you > operation solution

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