The reasons for Baidu alliance map, advertising and failure

Baidu recently made a Baidu map + advertising is an advertising form of Baidu alliance, but is an alliance of advertising on the picture below, Shao Lianhu taught you how to apply Baidu map + advertising.

first step, landing Baidu alliance union platform:


second step, in the cooperative management to create a new code bit


third step, no need to set the size, style, directly to the bottom of the page, click the submit and get the code button. Get ad ID, such as "u123456"


fourth step, to get to the Baidu map + the official website of the code bit ID, Baidu + get the code below the box is advertising ID


fifth step, choose to put the platform is the PC side or WAP side


in the sixth step, agreed and accepted before checking the box and then click on the

code acquisition


seventh step, to get the code copied to the web page HTML body start tag after


code is expected to launch in 2 hours after the show. If you have any questions, please visit the Baidu union to submit online consultation. Baidu union map + advertising can also be applied in the background of the Baidu Union, only need to create an ad in the background, select the figure + default, access to the code on the line, as follows:


if everyone’s website for the record, you can apply for Baidu union chart + advertising to make money. If your site is not for the record, is the use of foreign space, such as Hongkong and the United States space space, so you can see this article "Hongkong space can also give the site record method", the record on the Baidu alliance advertising website.

we use Baidu union map + advertising, you will find that the image will be displayed after the beginning of the site. However, sometimes you will find that your code is added, the picture on the site does not show how the picture + advertising. If you put the correct code does not show, a few days to add the code on the line, the specific reasons do not know what.

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