Some problems needing attention in WeChat marketing


very popular in recent years, under the background of WeChat marketing has been a lot of enterprise value, and referred to the marketing schedule, many enterprises have set up the public number, because WeChat established public number requires a certain premise, such as corporate information, need to add the powder to a certain amount, plus the difference service number and subscription number for many enterprises so tangled, because these two kinds of different public number requires a different mode of operation, but also in marketing also play a different role, for the enterprise is very difficult to choose. So for businesses, WeChat also need to have a lot of problems need to be resolved.

first of all to understand the main source of friends in WeChat, in general, there are three main channels, respectively, from the enterprise QQ friends. Another is the phone address book friends, the last is to participate in activities to meet friends. If the enterprise WeChat through professional team operation, increase the channels but also friends of these three channels, only in the operation and maintenance team, can effectively improve the number of enterprises WeChat friends, and through the circle of friends for enterprises to win more user attention.

then differences to distinguish between service number and subscription number, subscription number is the main objective in interpersonal relationship, and service number play is the extension of the company related products to the mobile terminal, such as sales of some products, then the company’s WeChat as these products after sale service platform or pre-sales consulting platform. But no matter what kind of platform will be subject to certain restrictions, but through the following several methods can be properly optimized WeChat marketing strategy.

Only the establishment of service

, the first enterprise, its purpose is to provide services to users, the next line or the traditional network service to the mobile internet terminal, of course, these products are basically in our daily life is very common and often used, so WeChat has a certain appeal, to provide the service to the majority of friends recognized, such as financial enterprises, as well as the international famous enterprises such as Lenovo etc..

The establishment of service number

second enterprises at the same time, also let all personnel in the enterprise also established and consistent with the company subscription number, because the subscription number requires a premise is to establish the number of subscriptions can be started. When the employee completes the subscription number work, each member of this company is a subscription number, so that each employee to establish the corresponding subscription number in their own area of expertise, and communication and enterprise to related content, and transformed into a service number, such as personnel website or can be used for small and medium-sized enterprises. In this way, but this way needs a professional marketing team to take care of WeChat.

third is the construction of subscription number is also set and related enterprise WAP website, so you can achieve all the employees are able to participate in the interaction, the subscription number in the content into the circle of friends, the ultimate goal and then use the circle of friends of the marketing influence.

WeChat is an important contribution to the traditional Internet

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