A selling crayfish what got 30 million financing in the capital in the winter

some O2O companies burn too fast, and there is no reasonable business model to prove himself, 2015 winter capital, one by one they are down. However, there is an online selling crayfish company survived, but also have a good. This is to do a shrimp, crayfish takeaway company.

to the prawns was founded in 2014, is a focus on crayfish takeaway O2O company. It announced this month that it has completed the 58 round of A round of financing from the home of 30 million yuan.

last year, a large number of entrepreneurial companies are doing around the topic of crayfish. Because crayfish is currently Chinese single category of food and beverage industry the largest market, it accounted for about 3%-4%, in the catering industry 25000 billion market size calculation, the crayfish is about 100 billion the size of the vertical market. See these numbers, you also don’t wonder why there are so many startups in this market.


According to official data given by

, the daily order rate of prawn to peak for the 5000 single, re purchase rate of 40%, customer price at around 150-200 yuan. As a now only in Beijing operations, 5000 single day orders peak for the company to play the "prawns served within 30 minutes" slogan. It is worth noting that this is not the 30 minutes from the start of the delivery orders, but the user orders start counting.

According to

I pro test, prawn to can achieve 30 minutes served really. In accordance with international practice, the peak of the meal called takeout need to wait an hour to get takeout. In the afternoon I 6:10 the new single, when slowly on the road, suddenly received the prawn to room phone, only to run home and get a crayfish. 30 minutes fast delivery of this, can be said to be out of the prawns.

30 minutes of service, is through the self logistics and algorithm to guide the production to achieve.


prawns have more than and 20 distribution points, more than 200 staff, covering Beijing and parts of Tongzhou and Tiantongyuan rings. The 30 minutes of logistics services, in addition to the charge of prawn orders, can also provide delivery service for other platforms and companies.

algorithm, is based on the existing data (real-time orders, historical data, time period) and external data (origin weather, production, price, sales of the weather) to guide production.

in addition to the rapid distribution to the very conscience, prawn crayfish production process is quite elegant. It is working directly with the source of shrimp shrimp, spicy incense and thirteen exclusive Jintang are made.

in 2015, we are relatively stable because of the business, so very early to get the investment, so the financing of winter and

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