Vermicelli viscosity is not high, old powder Here is a coup


as everyone knows, small micro pig CMS, every kind of application activity fun, has been prepared by the majority of users favor. This novel fun interactive marketing approach is also an important means to attract fans, enhance popularity.

in the summer afternoon, the R & D department boss mysteriously bribes to small half an apple, and in the small notebook askew painting several characters. Xiaobian take a closer look, the original is the wheel of fortune, lucky fruit machine, hit the golden egg, scratch cards and other micro application activities also added several glittering abuses function.

activity background to support the definition of custom advertising everywhere

pig CMS has been on the wheel of fortune, lucky fruit machine, hit the golden egg, scratch cards and other micro activities of small application was updated to support business activities to upload the background map. So, businesses can not miss this good way to promote micro marketing. With its own logo, advertising and other promotional features with the background map, hey, you bold to upload! Enjoy the show business style, to bring more exposure for your brand!

fans lottery winning more than the number of simple and easy to rise powder

lucky turn turn turn, smashing smashed golden eggs ~ in order to further enhance the number of fans on the merchant’s public stickiness, pig CMS specially for micro event sweepstakes, winning set optimization. Fans can draw every day, during the event, winning more than once Oh!

merchants can set the maximum number of people allowed to win in the background. Under the premise of ensuring the cost of the business, the use of multiple winning this little mind, to fully satisfy the fans, attracting fans. Let the fans pour in, every day many times and winning the lottery happiness within. Small business coup, can greatly attract fans to actively participate in the activity, enhance its viscosity and enhance the fans.

activity time is accurate to enhance the sense of urgency to participate in

in the time setting, the micro activity updates, so that time to show more accurate. When fans participate in these activities, time is no longer a vague concept. Accurate to the minute date time, so that fans more sense of urgency. Jump time urging fans to participate in the digital business, and prize also provoking the fans of the nerve. In the face of such a warm temptation, fans simply can not control ah ~

pig CMS for businesses to create micro activities, interesting interesting. Not only to help businesses improve the number of public entertainment, so as to attract fans, but also can easily increase the fan interaction rate, enhance the viscosity. Interest imposed on the number of winning more, will further stimulate the fans to share with them, for the promotion of the business to bring rapid spread.

micro activities so many benefits, said the small mouth parched and tongue scorched. Dear businessmen, hurry to experience it (author: pig CMS micro signal: pigcms)

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