Online brand marketing process to avoid these 7 Mistakes

lead: Internet everywhere is a good company, but more companies did not manage their own brand, finally sacrifice brand reputation. In order to avoid this situation, you do not make these 7 Mistakes in self marketing!


do you think just set up a Twitter account, your company will have everyone’s attention? You from time to time to post on the Facebook will raise your brand reputation to a new level? If you really think so, for you I wax.

is a very good company on the Internet, but more companies do not manage their own brands, and finally sacrificed their brand reputation.

in order not to become the next target of ridicule by the public, you should avoid these 7 Mistakes in self marketing:

doesn’t know where your online audience is on. Who is the main audience of your company, although you may be able to describe the characteristics of a perfect customer right away, but they only account for a small part of your online audience. Blog users, news media, business partners, employees, and even you abandoned lover – all to your commercial brand reputation has the right to speak.

as the owner of a company, you should know your customers are in which they frequent the Internet, what social networking sites and blogs, this part of the content written into your business plan, so that they can understand.

did not establish a good image. Once you understand how your audience likes to be on the site, then you should put your company’s "opening" logo to follow the past. If your users tend to speak on Facebook, then you should make sure you have an active Facebook page. If they support LinkedIn, so this is the time where you should put.

you don’t need a big budget. Mya-Moe Ukuleles is a small ukulele (a Hawaii four stringed lute) custom business, but please note that they have established a vibrant community of Facebook, and released a number of stunning photos, video and information products.

to provide users with different experiences on different sites. You will probably find yourself interacting with more than one social media. When this happens, you must provide them with a consistent experience, so that you will not give your brand reputation to each other the illusion of conflict.

Coca-Cola (Coca Cola) and McDonald’s (McDonalds) has done very well in this regard. If you have access to their Facebook page, Twitter or YouTube channel, you will see that they have always been the same appearance, color and discussion topics. >

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