A failure of the forum marketing experience

I do network marketing in a clothing company, the company has a lot of clothing products, but the relatively remote location, in the city of Wuhan, is a combination of urban and rural area, so lots of how to put our warehouse products sold? We did two marketing activities. An event is the sale of advertising in Wuhan’s largest newspaper, and the other is advertised in Wuhan’s largest local life forum. In order to distinguish between the two activities of the effect, we have the awareness of the activities of the time staggered, newspaper activities began 3 days after the forum.

have to say, we published in the Wuhan evening newspaper advertising campaign was successful, in addition to the first day of activities because of the rain, selling only more than 20 thousand dollars, a few days later the effect is very good, the daily sales in more than 50 thousand, the highest day sales reached more than 90 thousand yuan. We stand in the subway shuttle vehicles are moving back and forth non-stop every day, can be said to overcrowded clothing warehouse.

if we do the proud activities at the forum, the promotion period is about 7 days, including home advertising, forum posts highlighting top, channel page advertising, advertising fees add up to a total of nearly more than 20 thousand, but enrollment collected by telephone only 293, you can imagine, leaving the phone the number is not a day of activities to our newspaper popularity, then eventually to the site can only be used to describe the customers in a deserted house. The whole activity down sales performance of less than 20 thousand yuan, and even advertising costs are not enough, not to mention the cost of other products, human and material costs.

cruel facts tell us that the same activity, through traditional media newspapers, we achieved the desired purpose, and our marketing forum, is a failure.

believe in a lot of people to do the network psychology, feel that the decline of traditional media, the rise of online media, but through the comparison of the results of the two activities, we found that this is not the case. Of course, the event is not too tight, it is important that we can not sum up experience from the failure, lessons. I also came to the following, children’s clothing sale activities to do some experience:

1 different user groups determine the effect of different activities

through the observation of the two activities of the purchase crowd, we found the newspaper over customers are older than 50 to come to the father mother, customers for more than 30 years old young mother. Dad granny basically did not go to work, they have plenty of time to take the subway, bus to the remote location for shopping. At the same time, they point of view of consumption to cheap, affordable, so for us to choose the purpose of this warehouse is a cheap map. Proud of the user groups for female white-collar work, they basically go to work every day, basically no time to us this remote warehouse shopping, while their spending on clothing and not blindly pursue cheap, more is the pursuit of fashion and brand, the price is their secondary concern. So, this discount sale activities for them "

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