Not looking for where to find on medical website content marketing


ZAC (Zan Hui) once said (users to answer questions about the meaning of what all don’t take SEO): website compared to enterprise website does not rely on high-quality original content, rely on the core competitiveness of mining products and services (brand, branding) win.

indeed, the overwhelming majority of the emphasis on the standardization of the hospital (enterprise) website can not emphasize the original, only take the road of differentiation marketing, dig their own services (products) unique selling point, to build brand. Because if this kind of website content description can create something new and original propaganda fling caution to the winds of individual experience and understanding, even in spite of the industry standard, then the end of this hospital (enterprise) certainly no one dares to believe, what is marketing.

but this does not mean that the content of the hospital website does not need to operate the mind, in fact, such a special industry website content needs to do more to do a good job. It must be pointed out that the core competitiveness of the hospital network marketing (unique selling point) only on the basis of the construction of a high quality website content system can be found.


medical website to describe the same condition of the same surprising

now more medical industry website is emphasized more daily manuscript upload, website editors simply copy Baidu encyclopedia or other similar websites, even mistakes are the same mistake into a pile of — even the original name of the hospital have not changed, this paper is full of special medical terms, all sorts of nouns so, ancient technology eight stocks to lack of expertise in reading unintelligible.

so the homogenization of serious medical websites, you can expect it to make more patients feel satisfied? What can you expect from these site operations personnel can copy editing process to find the real core competitiveness of the hospital, so as to achieve brand building, brand promotion, to attract potential users to visit or online consultation purposes it must be very difficult?.

medical website editor why invariably copied Baidu encyclopedia and other similar websites? Because be afraid of mistakes, most of the sites are not edit medical professional training, so the copy is the most secure.

website is the most basic requirement can not be wrong, but if you are satisfied with this basic principle can not go wrong, this website is hard to achieve the purpose of marketing — although more emphasis on private hospital network marketing through the large advertising investment Months and years pass by. formed a certain brand effect.

and website editor to learn professional medical knowledge from Baidu encyclopedia, no ground for blame or other medical sites, but if you never use their own language to the Baidu encyclopedia on those simple medical term professional profound explanation, just copy the authority of the site, so that the editor will never progress. More importantly, the medical industry website is the most emphasized rigorous professional >

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