China Luqiao network planning

yesterday to write a "millionaire’s website publicity planning " the webmaster friends asked message this site needs how to promote this station, I generally read, is about the Luqiao information website, the station should be established, the template is not too good, to make a suggestion, to highlight the Luqiao the characteristics, to the professional feeling, the website mainly introduces the information about Luqiao and Luqiao recruitment information website for customers is Luqiao construction professionals, so propaganda should face this kind of talent propaganda, but the audience is mainly to see some of Luqiao’s most visited information group all through the search engine, so emphasis should be put on the keyword ranking where, at the same time the proposed site focus on" Luqiao information "," recruitment" "Luqiao software" and "supply and demand information" several aspects, to ensure that the amount of information, fast, full, to find some related site, from other sites reprint articles, including recruitment of supply and demand information in advance also need to add their own webmaster, add articles here try not to completely copy, change the title and content of the the station said many articles are how to change it, I will not say, for the website, can not do publicity, establish QQ group, drive the users in group discussions, reward the original author, many relevant forum, website information, promote your website, and if there is some webmaster professional knowledge, write some articles to other sites in Luqiao, no matter the views of right and wrong, as long as the discussion can, but don’t wrong too outrageous, it’s easy to think the webmaster Without this ability. How to Post Bar to answer questions related to your website so disguised advertising, QQ ask is also good, here often answer, there will be a great benefit to your website for recruitment information, to put up some recruitment website, publish your website recruitment information, if there is a job, it will you find the website contact.

There is a forum for the exchange of information on the

website, but the quantity is very few, suggest getting rid of forum, install a online chat plug-in in, engineers have little time to go to the forum post, waiting for the answer, they tend to instant communication, the website that can help you gather gas, but this method needs a few websites the engineer master sits, can at any time to discuss with other people, so slowly gathered popularity, most of them are the main forum for questions and answers, it can integrate a similar Baidu know the procedure in the, other information allows the user directly to the website, the forum set up in the VIP District of the site did not developed before as far as possible not to use such methods, members not less, will let users play off procedures, try to provide them with free, will let them Feel your website useful things, fine – feeling, the future will always come. Add a prompt set homepage function, when the user exits the site, ask whether the user of the station master, if you think of your web site, will be set to the home page, of course, do not frequent questions, a IP only one question, frequently mention.

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