Zhang Zongxue e-commerce platform to build the transition between network operators

London March 5th news: yesterday, thousands of foreign trade enterprises in Jiangsu attended the forum to discuss the Alibaba of Wuxi network, the subprime crisis in the United States under the new situation of foreign trade and the use of electronic commerce strategy to open up new markets. At present, Wuxi e-commerce platform to do business by about more than and 800 companies.

"troubled times" to "shuffle"

to do business through the online trading platform for merchants called network. From the beginning of last year, affected by the subprime mortgage crisis, the RMB appreciation pressure  

most of the Wuxi foreign trade export enterprises, the most competitive advantage comes from the low cost of labor and product brings the cost advantages of high-tech, high added value, so the pressure of RMB appreciation, export tax rebate adjustment and continuous, and the underlying inflation trend, many export enterprises are faced with hitherto unknown business pressure, a lot of small foreign trade enterprises have faced collapse.

800 Wuxi

network operators most through e-commerce began to transition, reduce the cost of enterprise management through effective method. The development of this B2B model, with a fixed network based extension services, enhance customer awareness of fixed network security and stability, enhance the fixed network value-added services, and thus the stability of customers, promote the traditional business development. During the interview, the general manager of Wuxi Donlim plastic products Co., Ltd. Zhu Wei told reporters, from the beginning of 2004 each year, he invested 120 thousand yuan in the Alibaba of e-commerce transactions made through the network, probably accounted for about 40%, and the annual amount of online transactions are increasing at a rate of 30%.

small and medium enterprises "leading role"

it is understood that Alibaba from 2002 began to enter the Wuxi market, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Wuxi belong to a large area, the top 5 in the country’s top 30. So far, Wuxi (including Jiangyin, Yixing) has 800 Alibaba China suppliers, accounting for three of the total amount of the city’s total of 61%. In this 800 enterprises, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, Alibaba executive director and chief executive officer Wei said the recession in America, the impact is more buyers, suppliers, buyers and suppliers of small and medium-sized and small and medium-sized will get more development opportunities. As the Wuxi GDP contribution rate reached 60% of the small and medium-sized enterprises, expand the market of small and medium enterprises in Wuxi agree without prior without previous consultation with the original strategy of Alibaba.

three years ago, at the Alibaba B2B platform, Wuxi network operators or light industrial enterprises in the textile industry in the world, but from the beginning of 2005, the Zhejiang city and Jiangsu other peer competition, the textile industry gradually began to withdraw from the business circle, building materials, machinery enterprises began to sing "protagonist". On the one hand

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