Talking about the importance of website resources accumulation to the promotion work

From 06

to Beijing to do promotional work, I have been very concerned about the website of the accumulation of resources, as long as talked about cooperation website, will the basic information of the other party with a text record, so as to facilitate future when you need it again looking for cooperation. To share with you the next few years, I accumulate some of the data resources, hoping to give you some inspiration. In addition, I also want to accumulate some of their own resources, to share more friends.

A: 06-09 years of experience in the accumulation of resources

06 years to do the work of the promotion of the union, I looked for hundreds of days more than IP1W website, talked about the alliance advertising cooperation. At that time the union is dedicated to a QQ number is full, the 500 friends on QQ, basically are individual stationmaster. Later, because there is no league work, the QQ number is basically useless.


alliance to promote the special part of the QQ classification map




07 years suspended the alliance promotion work, to the company responsible for the entire station traffic exchange cooperation, then find a large site close to more than 200 IP10W of traffic exchange cooperation. Some of them are well-known sites, such as soso Sogou Youku, cool 6, thunder dog, etc.. And these sites have established a good relationship of cooperation. Up to now, and there was a friend of the site also maintained contact. Similarly, the basic information of the site I have also done a backup save for future work needs.

08 years to go to a new site, responsible for the site’s SEO, in fact, is the key word optimization. At that time I was looking for thousands of sites for the cooperation of the link, if you count the following internship with the link. Made a total of about 3000. The same basic information on these links website I have done a backup reservation, in case you need to do the next link, you can immediately use. In addition, I have always felt that doing the work of friendship and cooperation to do BD, there is no essential difference, because it is a direct communication between people, cooperation between the site and the site. Just link exchange can only be regarded as a relatively small comparison based BD cooperation. If a new person can link to do a good job, I believe that in the future to do a higher demand for BD cooperation, it will not be too bad.

09 years because of work needs, looking for hundreds of ALEXA rankings 10W site navigation station, free included the company’s website. Of course, most of the columns inside the page, there are a small part of the home page in the navigation station. In fact, as early as 08 years, I have been looking for dozens of navigation stations to do the same thing, because there is a basis for the past 08 years, do the same thing again in the next 09 years, a lot of smooth. Also made a backup of the basic information, but also to these post navigation resources directly in the blog to share with more friends.

more than just share some of their work in the accumulation of resources, to promote their own

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