What is the difference between the chief content officer and the chief marketing officer

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in recent years, the market’s chief XX officer more and more, with the content of marketing has gradually become part of the strategic layout of the enterprise, in the marketing sector, from then on a more official – chief content officer. So often a friend asked: chief content officer and chief marketing officer is how to distinguish?

first recruit: to distinguish between different positions to see what they are doing

Chief Marketing Officer (referred to as CMO), comprehensive information at home and abroad, the main responsibilities are generally:

Market Research and analysis to determine the positioning of enterprises;

according to the market and the specific situation and needs of enterprises, determine the marketing strategy;

supervise the implementation of marketing strategy to achieve the company’s marketing objectives;

maintain market sensitivity, understand market needs, identify and grasp market opportunities;

coordinate the internal and external relations of the enterprise, supervise and control the implementation of the enterprise marketing strategy plan;

is responsible for the enterprise marketing organization construction and incentive work.

look at the chief content officer, a wide range of integrated North American cases, and practice in recent years, the chief content officer’s duties are:

the development of the company’s long-term content marketing strategy to ensure that the content of the quality and style of the unity of style

build content workflow, enabling the appropriate content management system

use market data and internal human resources development and processing content

publish content to the appropriate platform matrix

collect data to assess the effectiveness of the content, and propose optimization measures

participate in the recruitment and management of internal and external content marketers

from the comparison of the above responsibilities, we can find that the chief marketing officer is responsible for the operation of the entire marketing system, including products, prices, channels, promotion aspects. For example, the design of the product, packaging, pricing, promotion, sales channels, how to promote, etc., are the chief marketing officer.

and chief content officer, he is also concerned about these things, but he is more concerned about the unique products out of the ordinary point, he knew from this point of view, to do creative content, almost always can arouse the audience’s sympathy, which spread widely. Said the content marketing 42 dial thousand pounds, precisely because of this.


, Chief Marketing Officer Responsibilities authority chief content officer of wider.


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