From a supermarket shopping micro-blog marketing, O2O and mobile nternet

micro-blog marketing, O2O, mobile Internet is destined to be hot words in 2013. Today a shopping supermarket shopping experience can provide some reference for these high-end down to earth vocabulary.

morning in Carrefour to buy yogurt, to the counter, Ling Lang everywhere on the shelves to see a safe milk. Because there are too many negative voices on the Internet, consumers really do not have the energy to distinguish. Like two people fighting in the street, no matter who is right or wrong, most of the passers-by will be far away. Therefore, the choice of milk on this matter, " a cow " it is not considered, " a Ming " seemingly online said there are some problems. Hesitating, next to the flower for yogurt. What brand is it? I’ve never heard of it. I’m asking. Think about a brand, but I still do not rest assured that the milk in the end how to ask the Almighty micro-blog bar. Search " flower yogurt " see, really a lot of praise, did not see the bad impression, heart suddenly increased by. Then again, this enterprise has no micro-blog search? In accordance with the nickname " " " flower; flower @ micro-blog " official; a careful look at it is, following analysis.

, from micro-blog marketing perspective, the first analysis of the name, not bad. I think micro-blog " official nickname; " the word is not good, FMCG is to pay attention to the emotional communication and consumer. " official " too stiff. And at a glance, others do not know why this is the flower. That changed its name to flower milk or milk, dairy and even FLOWER FLOWER FLOWER assured conscience of milk can. Non famous brands in the micro-blog nickname with the core interests of the point spread is the right path, even if the industry well-known brands in 400 million micro-blog users in a vast expanse of water, to actually have more talent shows itself is difficult, should take a distinctive label.

in order to impress you, you can give a special example. What is Okamoto? Many people actually know, Okamoto is the world’s thinnest 0.03mm natural latex rubber condoms 0.03 Chupin, even won the Guinness world record. Then the "@ Okamoto’s official micro-blog", is actually not a good nickname. Feel mediocre, no features, or directly call the "Okamoto" reflect industry supreme, sworn domineering, or in accordance with the above theory, a nickname called "Okamoto 0.03" it is a name of how awesome. Can reflect the characteristics of the industry, but also can attract users curious, each one is with micro-blog’s nickname in the dissemination, virtually the world’s thinnest condom Okamoto USP to micro-blog marketing way to pass away.

from this perspective, @ said micro marketing is actually a good name, a look that is why. If you do not know, you can focus on their own, do not press the table (omitted here, ha ha).


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