Use Baidu know do network promotion


these days use Baidu know do website promotion has little experience, "Baidu knows" is a good stuff, as long as you in Baidu search "how", "how" and "why" and "how to" long tail words, see know Baidu is not in the first row, these words are precisely the people most the regular search.

In fact, Baidu know

rankings are known I would say no more, this paper introduces how to make full use of this advantage.

said why choose Baidu know the website construction promotion:

1, easy to operate a person can be competent

2, Baidu know to get good rankings very fast

3, the brand can do word of mouth marketing

4, can add pictures, map notes, etc.

investment returns, personal network promotion preferred. Then talk about how to operate it:

1, we want to do with the key words to do the problem, when the question to fully match the drop-down box which appeared in the long tail word. For example, I search a headache, the search engine will prompt a lot of headache on the long tail of the word, the first headache is how to do?


the word that many of the search, search out Baidu know in the first place, this shows that as long as we make good use of Baidu know how to do, can let a headache bring us a lot of traffic. But then again, I searched a headache how to do the word found Baidu know problem of search problems related to the 487836, which also shows a Baidu search results can only show a result, then we just know in Baidu inside a asked a headache how to do. The problem is, even if successful? How to make yourself out of the problem asked in Baidu know their products in the


then we study the next Baidu know the internal ranking problem

1, the first problem we do keywords in Baidu know to ask questions, try to use keywords completely, form ask, such as the "energy-saving", in fact the problem description less, only a better title.

2, the answer includes their soft advertising, in addition to reference in response to the time information is very important, for example, write the word "use Baidu Search in reference, Tanggu XX wallpaper", this in the search results display can completely avoid your answer, directly will show you the title and reference problem the use Baidu Search, Tanggu XX wallpaper". To find a friend to help or change their own account for IP, the answer and adopt the best answer. Questions, answers, and answers should be between 12 hours or more

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