Google, Baidu itch

      2 big companies in Chinese war unprecedented, with high turnover of hearsay speculation, to debate the business profit model of fairness slobber constantly, on imitation and plagiarism of new products. Including just out of a good name is the authority of the evaluation report! Let’s look at the situation of the 2 companies……

      Baidu itching, breakdown of Baidu has been established for 7 years. There are 7 years of itch in marriage, Baidu can not get rid of, once the big 5 now only Robin and Wang Zhansheng. A long time, Baidu’s corporate culture has been outside of blame, this silent Robin Li may not play a role. Baidu is still in the beginning, there is a chance to make mistakes, but does not mean that allowed to make mistakes. At least as the Chinese search engine, Baidu to do more than these. CFO’s lecture in Europe said that Baidu now has more than 4 thousand employees, but the vast majority of them are sales staff, is responsible for the actual operation of the ppc. In other words, the real investment in this product on Baidu technology may not be so strong. This is what we are ashamed of, Internet users have been looking forward to the Baidu station and some of the big domestic competition, Baidu has become the spiritual sustenance of Internet users! Since this is the case, Baidu should not give up the Internet users, since Baidu had considered becoming a technology-based company, so far Baidu has not been sensational in the world of products, it is very itchy.

      say in the report, 101% this is called good regardless of the scientific method of calculation, I of the more than 2 thousand blind test team is in doubt, the author in the side of about more than and 30 a simple survey, obviously, this is not the result with the reference of! Commissions for $150 thousand, although it is rumored, but as a man of discernment, believe that such a report, only as a joke!