Analysys think tank China users love visiting overseas websites list released

recently, Analysys think tank launched a survey of the status quo Chinese users access to overseas websites in micro-blog, including categories of favorite sites, access speed, just two days a total of about 10000 users give their own answers. Comprehensive user reviews, Analysys think tank released a final "most users love overseas websites list.

data show that the current visit to foreign websites are still mostly young people, such as college students. It is because of the professional identity is different from the mainstream Internet users, so that the Chinese people’s favorite overseas sites list presents a different feature.

in the Internet users favorite overseas website, research, education, examination, job search and other highly practical foreign websites, attracting more Chinese Internet users. Academic journals website Elsevier, Khan Academy (Khan Academy), IELTS and TOEFL official website mentioned high rate. Foreign website rich academic information and education official information, let the knowledge with the help of the Internet across the oceans, but also to aspiring students who study abroad can be synchronized with the world.

at the same time, there are a lot of users keen on the entertainment content of foreign websites, such as many users named future letter website, you can send e-mail to the future of their own. "I just graduated this year, through the future of the letter site, I want to talk to the future of their own." Users said in the comments. In addition, like the Japanese animation site NicoVideo, online event broadcast site, one of the world’s largest BT seed search engine Torrentz, are also deeply loved by Chinese netizens.

in addition, because of the reason as everyone knows, in access to social networking, comprehensive website, domestic users can have no choice, so in addition to shopping websites, Google, America online, New York Times headed by search, portal and news sites has become the mainstream Chinese users access is also expected.

but although foreign websites in the domestic users of the heat gradually warming, but there are also some problems. Netizen "Twilight little warm in the investigation of micro-blog commented:" although foreign website love fresh content, but the use of ordinary browser to access foreign websites is slow, and if English is not good for browsing but also there are some obstacles, these have become the factors blocking foreign websites I see more." According to the reporter learned that, in China, has been seeking differences in the development of Baidu browser has for this emerging field, took the lead in the browser built overseas high-speed channel, improve foreign network nodes, so that domestic users can log in as Baidu, Sina and other domestic websites as fast access to foreign websites.