Ctrip’s purchase of Pinyin domain name songguo.com

It is reported,

news February 15, 2012, Ctrip investment to operate independently of the pineal network will start operation on line on February 18th, the website domain name "pinecone" Larry domain songguo.com, songguo.com domain name is anecdotal pineal network earlier acquisitions, the transaction price is unknown.


diagram: Web page

Sogou Pinyin input method "songguo" is sent, the song, the pineal Pinyin domain name songguo.com registered in February 15, 2006, just over 6 years ago the registration time, query domain information of the domain name for the past, earlier minon held the songguo.com domain name system pineal network acquisition, the domain name was registered his pineal songguo.cn/.com.cn/.net. Another understanding, songguo.com domain name on the 13 day of this month successfully filed.


map: domain name information

edible fruit now also has a lot of application in China China education television station, such as network enabled "fruit fruit" Larry domain guoshi.com, delicacy recipe community bean fruit net Larry domain douguo.com, professional quality fruit – fruit, fruit easy network yiguo.com network guoli.com, Suguo Supermarket Co. Ltd., the official domain name suguo.com.cn.

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