Parallels hand in Shanghai Rui Cheng let the Chinese users experience the world’s mainframe and clou

March 1st, headquartered in Switzerland Parallels® company issued a formal message; to all customers in the Greater China region, announced the company and Shanghai Rui ( has Plesk and Virtuozzo in the development of matters in Greater China signed a formal cooperation agreement. Since April 1, 2016, Shanghai Rui Cheng will be in charge of Parallels’s the two main products (Plesk and Virtuozzo) in mainland China, Hongkong and Taiwan Chinese all affairs, including marketing, sales, customer service and product localization service.

Forbes Cloud was elected in 2015 and the computing industry best employers Parallels® group, has set up offices in 7 countries and regions around the world, to provide more high-quality hosting control panel and cloud virtualization solutions and services for 125 countries, tens of millions of enterprises. The Parallels group’s total of three products, are the world’s most popular host Plesk control panel (, virtualization and cloud infrastructure software Virtuozzo ( and innovative and flexible Parallels cross platform desktop software product (

this time with the Shanghai reached a major cooperation on its main control panel software and cloud virtualization software.


Shanghai Rui Cheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shanghai Rui Cheng) was founded in 2011, aims to help individuals and small and medium enterprises to quickly and efficiently carry out the Internet business. In the past 5 years, the sharp development achievement to have a certain influence in the global host industry and IT industry company, its operations include IDC, WHD.china ( comment on cloud computing world China station assembly, and cloud computing industry technology outsourcing and consulting services. Rui Cheng’s IDC review network has the world’s largest station service product library, covering all aspects of the domain name, host, cloud storage, SSL certificate, corporate e-mail, API services and other sites.

sharp into this cooperation with the Parallels group, will become the international software giant to expand the Chinese market industry model. Ruicheng with major hosting and cloud system integrators, Plesk international high level control panel and Virtuozzo software for the domestic webmaster, micro enterprises and small and medium enterprises, promoting the further development of China host industry and cloud computing industry.

in cooperation with Racent, Parallels group CSO, vice president of international marketing Diarmuid Daltú n said: "Plesk is pleased to be able to achieve cooperation with leading enterprises Chinese cloud computing and host industry of Shanghai Rui, let Plesk and >