Baidu adopted the dog

webmaster network (reporter Shao Guihu) October 23rd, Xiao Bian occasionally open dog, but strangely found dog search results page made a major adjustment.

        "dog" – "thunder’s video search platform," the title bar has not changed, but apparently enhance the status of web search. A lot of friends like to use the dog search video, the original search results show only the film, but now the name of the search for a lot of movies, but the results of the relevant web pages.

            now "dog" home default or "all" search, the results page is obviously increased the web search. Search page above shows the following results from Baidu, the background image of Baidu’s LOGO, Baidu snapshots here became a dog snapshot".

          the dog video search brand why dominate the default web search? "The dog" suddenly, the thunder is up to? This indicates that Baidu, how delicate relationship between the thunder?



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