Web site to respond to the letter of marriage do remediation action resolutely crack down on fraud


technology news (Liu Yalan) following the national network information office announced that it will carry out "serious illegal marriage website promises special rectification, Lily network, Jiayuan dating sites were published in response, said on the net in the letter to do the rectification action firmly support.

Lily network said in a statement stressed that although Lily network in 2012 the first implementation of the real name system, personal credit certification system and continue to introduce a variety of innovative, these measures to reduce network fraud played a significant effect. However, relying solely on the strength of a website is not enough, I believe that with the promotion of government departments, the environment will be significantly improved marriage website. Lily network commitment will actively cooperate with the work of government departments, continue to implement and improve the real Web site, improve the site’s complaints and fraud blacklist mechanism, resolutely crack down on the use of the dating sites, and strict self-examination on all aspects of business operations, to provide more reliable service for single user marriage.

Jiayuan also issued a statement saying, firmly support the network information office related initiatives on special rectification actions. Jiayuan said, "we are very pleased to see the relevant departments began to take measures. The special rectification action will purify the network dating environment, and promote the progress of the industry as a whole has played a huge role in promoting."

It is reported that

, the remediation network information office mainly follow the following principles: the alleged organized fraud Gang resolutely investigate; suspected acts of prostitution Gang resolutely investigate; resolutely investigate and deal with the alleged occurrence, improper operation, resort to deceit to serious violations of dishonesty. The special rectification will clean up, shut down a number of illegal and serious breach of marriage website.

in addition, the special rectification work will focus on strengthening the construction of network integrity, including the establishment of the website of the integrity of the information related to marriage and illegal dishonesty blacklist". Dating sites must implement the true identity of the user information registration, new users must be registered with the true identity information of the registered, no real identity information, must be a deadline to supplement real identity information, there is no real identity registration deadline for the user, must be clearly marked on the website platform, and gradually clear off. The public can call 12377, or log in to report the complaint center website www.12377.cn complaints.