Pass a large number of foreign hosts screened Microsoft, Alexa and other sites can not access

Admin5 station network news, April 12th Yanhuang network in micro-blog tube Peng claimed that at present a large number of overseas placed the server name is blocked, resulting in many webmaster placed overseas can not access the site, analysis that is mainly targeted at many service providers hosting overseas business. At present, has received a large number of webmasters reflect the site can not be opened, in this proposal, the majority of owners to pay close attention to backup data in the country to complete the filing work, restore the site.

Microsoft official website can not access

        it is understood that at present not only a large number of overseas hosts can not open the site. Including Microsoft’s official website, Alexa official website, MSN, Gtalk and other large foreign websites can not visit. There is speculation about whether the webmaster to carry out the recent rumors of network regulation. There are also saying that the international export adjustment of telecommunications, 24 hours may be restored. There are even people in the industry speculated that Indonesia will not be the result of yesterday’s earthquake damaged undersea cable access network is not normal. There are no reports of this. (text / Yang Yang)

        according to the latest news, the failure of major problems of China Telecom backbone network, resulting in Hongkong, Japan, United States, South Korea, Holland, Australia, new Jiabodou access site can not access the local situation. Preliminary detection found that the telecommunications network in the TCP package is constantly drop, and found that many areas of Hongkong Google can not visit. The fault is caused by the backbone of China Telecom line failure, can only wait patiently.

according to feedback from users, Chinese Unicom network users has a large area can not access the Internet phenomenon. Is currently in the recovery.