Daily topic inventory of those who use the nternet thinking successful brand

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 14th news, the Internet thinking of the hot words, it can be said that today’s Internet industry is the most popular word. There is too much controversy behind these five words, some people are sure to be questioned, some people say it is a false proposition. What is the Internet thinking? Baidu’s explanation is the Internet thinking, is in the (mobile) development of the Internet, big data and cloud computing technology under the background of the market, users of the product, and even on the enterprise value chain of the entire business ecosystem to re-examine the way of thinking.

There are a lot of

on the Internet thinking, what is the Internet thinking is also very difficult to understand, everyone has everyone’s opinion. Here is not much to discuss, and today we are mainly inventory of those who use the Internet thinking successfully hit the brand:

a, Huang Taiji pancakes sold 10 billion

a year

when a selling fruit pancake shop’s annual sales to 10 billion yuan, the goal is not sound too unrealistic? In the eyes of founder Huang Taiji Chang He, to subvert the traditional industries with the Internet thinking, which is fundamental to the subversion of the traditional industry cost structure. The future, China will enter a super traditional brand appeared, such as KFC’s parent company Yum behind. [more]

two, elephant adult products hit the Internet thinking


who also said it was not clear Adult supplies industry in the whole China market size, but the condom industry is quite mature, from the initial planning activities started, now Durex WeChat, micro-blog and other revenues in the event frequently out of the limelight, let a person feel the elephant into the market may have the red sea. And if it is not through the concept of the first batch of transmission, it may be some time before the visibility of the elephant to go so far. [more]

three, 90 beauty shop owner Ma Jiajia fun fun Internet

was originally opened in a street or global media university Simon, only 20 square meters, looks very grass root, has become one of the wonders there. It is strange that these means of communication is not their deliberate choice. Ma Jiajia said: because we have been playing micro-blog, everyone, unfamiliar street these things, is a very natural state, there is no plan to do beforehand. For example, there is often a kind of grass root man accosted me in the street Mo content, very silly X, I will send it to my circle of friends, and then it will fire, there may be hundreds of people reply."

can sell "forced" sex toys, this is the pursuit of Ma allison. "People feel like not eating Huang Taiji, the dream is Chinese. You eat Chu orange, didn’t just eat oranges, but never give up. This is the reason why fans love it, they get a kind of strength and spirit to lead." [more]

four, carved sirloin was invested 60 million yuan

only two stores