Fujian owners pay attention to the special action for the record again

Communication Management Bureau of Fujian province the day before: in the province to carry out to strengthen and improve the website for the special action, efforts to make the province’s work site for the record management mechanism is more perfect and effective means to strengthen support, to further improve the accuracy of registration information website; and strive to the end of this year, the province’s website record rate and record the main information accuracy rate reached 99.99% and 75% respectively.

According to

, the special action for a period of 8 months. Fujian Provincial Communications Administration to improve the website record rate and record information accuracy as the core, the management did not record access, false filing and other illegal acts as the key to the establishment of enterprise incentive mechanism and strengthen the technical support for the record management based on long-term mechanism to improve the record management, to provide a solid foundation for the management of the internet. The Council will take a number of measures to ensure that the special action to achieve tangible results.

is to promote the site record information authenticity verification of electronic materials processing. Will complete the authenticity verification materials electronically upload all web sites in 2013. The realization of electronic upload, paper verification materials retained for future reference in the access business.

two is to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the enterprise access site. Require companies to attach great importance to the company’s Web site filing rate and the accuracy of the record information, regular access to the site of the record information to verify, modify. Focus on the main person in charge and the person in charge of the site name, telephone number, etc..

three is to clean up the filing information is incomplete and false filing website. Do a good job in the preparation of IP. Regularly, with emphasis on the unit’s access to the site’s record information for daily visits, verification, filing information is not complete and false filing of the site to clean up. At the same time, do IP address filing work, timely report after the omission of IP, change the cross-border filing IP.

four is to strengthen the illegal website blacklist management. Access to the enterprise to ensure that enterprises can normally connected with the Department of the provincial website filing system, timely and accurately updated blacklist website data, web hosting, domain name and website that is not included in the blacklist provide access.

the Bureau said: during the special action will severely punish illegal behavior, in violation of "the record does not access, blacklisted websites provide access to illegal enterprises, will be in accordance with the" non operating Internet information service record management approach ", taking interviews, ordered rectification, criticism, fines and other measures and included in the enterprise credit records, and timely exposure to provide access to enterprise and typical cases of illegal websites. At the same time, the website will also be established for the work of the reporting system, the monthly bulletin of the website for verification.