The iWatch domain name cybersquatting tears Secret Apple watches why named Apple Watch

renamed China ( September 11th news, it is reported that 16 years of the letter "I" has a special liking for apple, but apple in 2014 IP6 conference yesterday, choose "Apple Watch" to name the apple watch. From iWatch to Apple Watch the name change, playing a minon and the apple iWatch series be taken by surprise, the domain name to "dashuipiao"


figure: Apple Watch

over the years, has been the use of iMac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. to name the new product apple, its smart watch in various types of natural news with "iWatch" to refer to. Among them, the famous host Li Chen is ridicule in micro-blog said, iWatch official name in the Chinese market is: Hey I go!". Of course, the domain name has also set off the apple products related to the domain name cybersquatting boom, is very popular in all air injection.

when Apple carries "Apple Watch" in the global debut, its new name sparked onlookers. The relevant domain name was registered and released the same day in The domain name and circle of investors have Tucao, "iWatch domain name registration to cry!", "the domain name is not to be afraid of," arbitration ", said iWatch? I became Apple Watch! IWatch domain name has been registered is estimated in the toilet cry halo" etc..

as apple "Apple Watch" why not call iWatch, industry sources said that the "Apple" to the name, may not be from Apple’s original intention, mainly based on trademark considerations. Because the only Apple Corp in Japan, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan and Turkey and other countries and regions registered the Iwatch trademark, while in the United States, Britain, European countries and the relevant trademark China, other companies have been registered first. Blocked in the trademark application on apple, had to find a way.

it is understood that as early as 8 years ago, Apple TV also experienced a change of name. At the press conference in September 2006, apple to iTV named the product. Then the question of trademark rights, will be renamed Apple TV". Prior to the Apple Corp in order to obtain the iPad brand in mainland China, choose to pay the price of $60 million. The future, although Apple’s "I" series of products name will continue, but the rice farmers in cybersquatting, near the famous on the need to be cautious, so as not to pay "tuition".