How to locate the theme and name of the site

      the theme of the web site is the theme of the site, the site began to design problems encountered. Website theme of all sorts of strange things, a superb collection of beautiful things, as long as want to, you can make it. Here is the "personal computer" magazine (PC Magazine) ten subjects gave the 99 annual ranking of the top 100 national famous website:

      first categories: online job search

      second categories: online chat / instant messaging / ICQ

      third categories: online community / discussion / mailing list

      fourth categories: computer technology

      fifth categories: Web / web development

      Sixth categories: entertainment website

      seventh categories: Travel

      eighth categories: reference / information

      Ninth categories: family / education

      tenth categories: Life / fashion

      each class can continue to breakdown, such as entertainment into sports / movies / music class, music can be divided into according to the format MP3, VQF, Ra, according to the forms of classical, modern rock, etc.. At the same time, various themes and cross linked can be combined to produce new themes, such as Tourism Forum (Travel + discussion), playing classic goal (soccer + film) at such points down, can have tens of thousands of kinds of theme. So many themes, how to choose? Follow the following principles:

      subject to small and fine

      location is small, content should be refined. If you want to make a cover and contain everything site, all the wonderful things you think are on top, it will often backfire, give people the feeling is no theme, no characteristics, everything, but everything is shallow, because you can’t have so much energy to maintain it. The biggest feature of the site is new and fast, the most popular personal home page is updated every day or even a few hours update. The latest survey results also showed that " on the network; the subject station " " Wanquan station " more popular, like stores and department stores, if I need to buy some things, will choose to buy the shop. >