Chongqing electronic commerce authority July 22 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Guo Li) recently, Chongqing District of Yuzhong city in the establishment of the first southwest electronic commerce regulation, explore to achieve full coverage of the market supervision, to eliminate the regulation of e-commerce business regulation in weakness.

it is understood that the Institute has built the area involved in the network subject basic information database, the main network involving 1310 households, including the subject name, website, website IP address, site type, residence, business production unit 19 basic information. And from the 4 high-quality talent, relying on the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau e-commerce complaints reporting platform and the municipal joint credit platform, and actively carry out the business transactions online trading, TV shopping, mobile e-commerce and electronic related regulation. Follow the "from the shallower to the deeper, from easy to difficult, innovation" principle, so the electronic commerce false propaganda as a breakthrough, explore the extension of the real economy from the regulation to the virtual economic regulation of the road. The establishment of the week has been involved in the investigation of 5 cases involving network, involving medical, decoration field, has concluded the investigation of the 2.

in the future, Yuzhong will also rely on the regulation of e-commerce platform, vigorously carry out online monitoring and inspection work, increase the intensity of investigating the case, the establishment of online illegal business entities "blacklist", and actively promote the establishment of district level joint credit platform, exploration of enterprise remote service management, to realize the network of electronic commerce the grid localization, professional supervision, multi-channel, multi field to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote economic and social development in Chongqing.