Domestic XP pirated software website radish home site was sealed

Admin5 station network March 16th news, netizens reflect the domestic famous XP piracy system turnip home company yesterday checked to the station network, the official website was closed, and may be making XP piracy system related to homeland radish.


according to the insiders, in March 15th, on the illegal production of pirated ghost XP radish home system some of the evidence, the publisher joint police raided the offices and homes of tomato took data. Coincidentally, in 2011 January, Anhui "Knight music" copyright infringement case prosecuted according to the signs that the country is to fight for a new round of copyright action.

September 2008, the tomato garden author Hong Lei on suspicion of providing pirated Windows XP by the Procuratorate approved the arrest, followed by a period of time, such as pirated software version, XP ylmf depth version, computer company installed version, platinum edition, home edition, garden radish, nordell speed studio edition version, version Yonghang technology, most of the temporary closure of website. Or delete forum a genuine Microsoft software how to crack the post, but the market is still a lot to spread XP pirated software, mainly because these pirated XP software has advantages of convenient installation, automatic backup system etc..

is currently in the domestic computer city sales of computer assembly still install pirated XP system, mainly for the sake of convenience, and piracy system developers through the site navigation and bundled the profit, many of the primary users of Internet users can only passively accept these plugins and for site navigation, browser home page, the computer is not aware of their own a pirated system developers tools for money.

as of press time, radish home official website has been unable to visit.

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