Electricity supplier on behalf of the silent spiral of silence to take the lead in playing a big bro

electricity supplier on behalf of the operation of the industry is becoming a spiral of silence. From traditional business to business routines increasingly familiar, seemingly become obsolete product generation operation. Although some people shouting "operation will perish", but still can not stimulate to the whole industry.

silent lake on behalf of the operators, the lack of discourse, is a heart of sorrow, anger and heart. Who is the first chair of the

electricity generation operation?

introverted eldest brother

Internet jungle law, no one remembers who is the industry NO.3, electricity supplier is also. So, whether it is between the platform, or other third party service industry, we are competing to become the industry leader. But this is not the case in the field of operations on behalf of.

A questionnaire was carried out in the

billion state power network days before, who is involved in domestic electricity generation operation problem of NO.1, nearly half of the participants will vote for the lunyuan. In addition to the second ranked Ruijin Lin more votes, several other on behalf of the operating companies are not comparable.


According to

billion state power network to understand, Shanghai LUNYUAN since its establishment in 2007, is committed to the traditional brand "electric housekeeper". Tmall and Taobao, in particular, attached to the two platforms to help brands force online channels.

at present, including Gucci, Nike, CONVERSE, Levi’s, Jack, Wolfskin, Etam, ESPRIT, Microsoft, Haagen Dazs, Disney and many other international brands have LUNYUAN as operator on behalf of.

, however, the treasure in the industry very little exposure, the founder is also very low-key, and its business situation is less disclosure. However, as early as in 2010, Bao Zun has been the investment of Alibaba, which also allows the generation of operators instant incarnation of the rich two generations".

60%, said the seller on behalf of the operator not far from death

The survey also from the billion state power network

, with 54.9% of voters believe electricity generation operation industry is not out of date, and with business enterprise increasing, especially more and more traditional brand net, on behalf of the operators still need to exist.



"there are always some companies’ weaning ‘, but there are a lot of demand, especially in some special categories, and trying to use the low cost electricity supplier channels into China’s international brand." A generation of operators said that the future of the future generation of operations is certainly more and more breakdown, more and more professional, and from the front-end marketing to the back-end supply chain, warehousing and logistics, such as the integration of a variety of resource integration.

According to

survey of nearly 60% has not yet tried Ebang, "forbidden fruit" of the traditional electricity supplier brand has a clear demand for generation of operation; 22.2% featured category needs more professional operators to support.

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