Stationmaster net broadcast APP taxi software dead Alibaba in New York


1 micro-blog and Sina video fought to completely

Ali?The relationship between

Ali and sina is getting closer.

news broke the news, Alibaba is planning to invest in Sina video, the proportion of shares may be higher than 18%, and high-level negotiations have made substantial progress. Ali added before micro-blog’s investment in Sina, Ali had two core business tentacles sina.

bold speculation, Ali to step by step annex Sina?

had a stake in Sina micro-blog, Alibaba promised in addition to $586 million to purchase 18% of the shares, will bring about a $380 million marketing and social commerce revenue for Sina micro-blog in the next three years. The 2012 results, Sina annual advertising revenues of $412 million 900 thousand, according to Ali on average about $130 million annually to count the amount of advertising, sina will have 30% of the advertising revenue from Ali, so "Ali Baba" name is indeed worthy of the name.

2 fund Taobao shop on line: bank or sprint teamed up blocking

is still half covered.

public offering of Taobao shop plans for various reasons repeatedly postponed. First Financial Daily reporters recently learned in an interview, the fund will be officially opened in November 11th this year, Taobao stores. The printing on the major banks have begun to check for rumors or immediately under the frame rate is too low in the public offering of all its products, but also as one falls, another rises recently.


dependence on traditional sales channels, has become the public offering of the Achilles heel, Taobao and other Internet financial new path can cure the patient, also seems to need more time to test.

3.PPTV Yao Xin responded to the acquisition rumors: no one is really

Yao Xinduan ceramic mugs and turn into the conference room, from the PPTV on a "prostitute" is only half a month.

Polo shirts and denim shorts made him feel comfortable, but also seemed a bit erratic, public opinion, in the end what Yao Xin and his PPTV to


he thinks it’s all pure, "you’re changing, and I want to be the same". Despite repeatedly stressed that PPTV is created by watching the company, everything is the flow, but in this matter, Yao Xin wanted to be the minority. The man who just became a father, stubbornly believe that the flow, there should be other options.

but the acquisition rumors do exist, but the transaction has not been reached, including the acquisition of Sohu (66.37, 0.41,0.62%), Alibaba and Hunan satellite tv. Of course, in took the milk and diapers should be barely able to be traded and ali.

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