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Wenchuan earthquake disaster victims, involving the number of large, making it difficult to estimate, the current disaster is most needed, in the outdoor life must be equipped, the Chengdu municipal government this morning asked emergency contact travel life Museum, hope we offer a huge number of a number of tents, due to a lack of inventory, we hope you can tour pal your hands with the tent donated, will be asked by air, give your love to Sichuan in the fastest time, for the victims to block the wind and rain, please help tour pal.

homeless victims in outdoor camping, they are most needed, in addition to the tent, moisture-proof pad, if you have in the house, hoping to get our collection, let your love asked the travel hall quickly transported to the disaster area


latest news: asked to reconnect with the person in charge of the Chengdu disaster relief command center, Chengdu sports bureau director Tan Wenlin said, will bring friends to donate the first batch of material: tents moisture-proof pad + + sleeping bag about more than and 400, tomorrow (15 days) in the morning by air to Chengdu disaster relief command center. At the same time, asked will send the forum webmaster "Ling Yi Chen", as early as 15, machine direct Chengdu, tracking the whole process and distribute supplies, daily to distribute relief supplies the first time on the forum, please netizens attention.

asked: "Yi Ling forum webmaster", has been with the Chengdu disaster relief command center confirmed that allowed in the command center, to receive other materials and distribute folk, if users have their own supplies to Chengdu, please send to the following address: asked the forum webmaster will help distribute:

Chengdu relief supplies received points: Chengdu people’s road section of No. 11 Chengdu Sports Bureau disaster relief command 1

receiver: Qin director, asked forum responsible person Ling Yichen

Ling in the disaster relief center Yichen contact, we will be announced as soon as possible.

1, through the company to collect the tent is asked the Sichuan provincial Civil Affairs Bureau, we collected the tent directly to Chengdu, to the Sichuan Province Bureau of civil affairs, but we cannot always contact with them, because the local time of aftershocks, when we call the local staff will suddenly run out of shock, so we contact temporarily or one-way, only waiting for them to contact us, we can not get through the phone


2, on the question of the tent, there are questions about whether the civilian travel tents really useful. In fact, the local military tent is far from enough, hundreds of thousands of people homeless, so we used to travel in the tent can actually provide a help, even now the disaster areas still under heavy rain, people living in the square there is no shelter, it is crisis, demand is very big tent.

donation time:

until 10 pm on May 16th. In May 17th we will be able to reach the people in disaster areas through various possible ways.

donation address:


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