Chen Yizhou should be invited back home to Xie Wen Wang Xiaonei

      today saw two news, Liu Ren’s "who’s who arena dream", said the school network daily login users exceeded 2 million 500 thousand; one is the Microsoft stake in Facebook Facebook, which is valued at more than $15 billion. Two news is let me sigh with emotion, just point retreat speech — in fact, long-term subscription of my blog friends know, I seldom talk too retreat on the topic.

      last year, I had several articles criticizing mop and Chen Yizhou. Definitely not what is personal, have not seen Chen Yizhou, ha ha. I mainly from the point of view of the thing itself. I always think that, from a business point of view, mop is a BBS only, and the user group is highly targeted "minorities" (Indoorsman and himono onna is more) is not much, good assets; but from the beginning of the 05 year, Chen Yizhou took mop as a baby, as a "flagship" operation. Chen Yizhou’s main mistake is actually here. Wrong location – a small sailboat, but became a fleet of the flagship, how to play?

      from another point of view, Chen Yizhou has such a positioning, but also that he actually do not understand the Internet community. This is not what to avoid: the alumni, Chen Yizhou as one of the 3 founders, is mainly responsible for the capital, rather than business; what makes Chen Yizhou think understanding of community and the Internet is in place? This is not the case. Also, I think, Chen Yizhou doesn’t understand the Internet, is not what big weakness: the achievement of an enterprise, need the aspects the talented person; Chen Yizhou in the capital is very good, that is his strengths; (the acquisition of campus network is a proof); the play to their strengths and success, gaining respect. For example, on my own, Chen Yizhou acquisition of the school network move, let me add to him.

      now owned by Chen Yizhou mop, what, I still that point, the game; instead, the campus network as the Facebook Chinese version of the concept, whether from the capital market, or operating, are promising. Facebook $15 billion ah, Chen Yizhou of the Thousand Oaks, the valuation should now have 2, 300 million dollars, then the net inside school if you can do almost 1% of Facebook, is Chen Yizhou two years ago, all of the errors are to be forgotten. A handsome cover 100 ugly ah. (


      I believe that Chen Yizhou has such judgment; but I also believe that, because he is in the Council, I in the outside, so he to the school network, and cut mop dendrite "firmly", will not have me so sure. I think basically, what the matrix matrix that is thousand oaks, can not find the direction of the veil; and now if a campus network, enough, do to concentrate on Facebook 1>

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