College students with online hacker virus to steal some money 480 thousand jailed for 12 years

, Beijing’s largest hacker virus together with the use of online banking theft cases settled, theft of more than 48 yuan of college students Guo Hao was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, fined 12 thousand yuan; the defendant sun sun Muyun guilty of theft, sentenced to 8 years imprisonment, fined 8000 yuan. Two defendants did not appeal.


the people’s Procuratorate of Chaoyang District Beijing city to undertake the case told reporters, whether it is the public security department, responsible for the investigation or prosecution and the court, is the first time such a case handling. Due to the huge amount of money involved, the complexity of the facts, means of concealment of crime, the two time to return to the public security organs to supplement the investigation, the procuratorate prosecution, the court lasted nearly 10 months before making a decision, very cautious."

"Gray dove" stole 480 thousand


Zhang is a private business owners, because the queue to go to the bank to deal with business too much time, has been using online banking funds management. At ordinary times, he only uses the network bank in the company’s personal computer, the password of the computer set also only oneself know.

in December 22, 2006, when Mr. Zhang to check their bank account, the bank card suddenly found two more than 48 yuan had been planning to go, leaving only 3 yuan.

evaporated overnight 480 thousand yuan, anxious Zhang immediately to the public security organs alarm. After the police received a report, according to the bank inquiry to the account of the POS consumption location records, immediately went to Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places to investigate evidence. The local police after careful investigation, the use of advanced network technology, in 2007, the suspect Sun Muyun, Guo Hao arrested.

Guo Hao, born in 1986, is a university in Heilongjiang, a computer professional students; Sun Li, born in 1989, was an Internet cafe in Shanghai to do network management. August 2006, Guo Hao through the Gray dove virus remote monitoring program, monitoring when any of the Internet cafes in Shanghai, a network of the management of the computer, the two of them know this. In Sun Muyun’s life is short of money, Guo Hao also through the network to steal the account of the 1000 yuan remitted to him, the solution as pressing danger.

December 2006, Guo Hao in the university dormitory, through the Gray dove virus software found in Beijing, Mr. Zhang’s computer in the Gray dove virus. Guo Hao will be through the Gray dove virus remote monitoring system to monitor the computer. In the online Internet banking card operation, Mr. Guo Hao learned Zhang’s bank card account number, password, and then download the remote monitoring of the victim’s bank card electronic certificate.

December 17, 2006, Guo Hao contacted in Shandong’s sun, asked him to help turn out the money. Then, two people overnight Zhang two bank card 48 yuan more than 40 pen out, located in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing to sell game cards and cards, stored in virtual network account.


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