nventory of the 7 major U.S. buy site business model is different

lead: according to foreign media reported on Sunday that the recent group purchase website and some other discount service enterprises become the focus of attention, especially the market leader Groupon, is the speed of global expansion in the main city. Maybe the group purchase mode is easy to understand, Groupon’s competitors and imitators are eager, trying to get a slice.

The following

for the current 7 main group purchase website, although the services provided by the content is exactly the same, but the operating mode or the differences.

1 Groupon



Groupon is the market leader in online buy, there are data show that so far Groupon has raised $17 million 280 thousand. Compared with any one group buying company, Groupon service range is the most extensive, 140 cities around the world. In each city, Groupon will launch a number of discount items every day, such as hot springs and restaurants and other places. If there are enough users to participate, they will get these offers, coupons are sent by e-mail. However, if the number of people involved in the purchase is not enough, then the day to buy discount was canceled.

offers daily deals, you need to get enough users to participate in success. Therefore, Groupon also introduced a number of incentives to attract enough users to participate. For example, Groupon encourages users to share discount information via email, Facebook or Twitter, if a user’s friends received the information, and buy Groupon coupons in 72 hours, then the user can get a $10 Groupon credit.

2 LivingSocial



LivingSocial is a major competitor of Groupon, serving 26 cities across the United States, has been financing $4 million 400 thousand. LivingSocial’s business model is different from Groupon, do not need to limit the number of users involved in the group. The same with Groupon is that the coupon can be activated and used after the end of the trading period. LivingSocial launches a deal on Monday to Friday.

similarly, LivingSocial also uses different measures to encourage more people to participate in group buying. For example, if the user sends a link, there are three people through the link to join the group, the link of the user can free trade.

3 Gilt City


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