Russia’s richest man layout of China’s electricity supplier has owned Alibaba and Jingdong shares



With the previous

depending on Russia’s energy and monopoly industries started, the total net worth of more than $17 billion, which comes from Telecom, Internet and media industry assets accounted for more than half of the current Russian Usmanov richest man somewhat offbeat, and when the United States investors for some stocks especially when Chinese generally lose interest in the electricity supplier industry, he the layout of China heavily listed electricity supplier company practices more compelling.

, according to Bloomberg news, the billionaire’s holding company USM has a stake in Alibaba and Jingdong, and other electricity supplier companies have a strong interest.

At this time

Russia’s richest man, the choice is mainly to see the Silicon Valley a lot of American Technology Corp bubble risk high valuation and turn to part of a competitive China Internet Corporation, mainly to resolve the investment risk is too concentrated, but does not mean that the Chinese electricity supplier industry as a whole financing environment in the short term can be improved.

of Russia’s richest man, China business blueprint is not only far more than other emerging market countries such as Russia counterparts, and will likely in the short term to replace the U.S. electricity supplier industry’s global leadership, this is the reason he is especially electricity supplier company investment China technology company, China demographic dividend is particularly prominent in the electricity industry.

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