Strict management of nternet TV broadcasting landing execution iCNTV rectify content


technology news news August 29th, the day before the SARFT broadcast control platform for iCNTV ineffective corrective criticism, iCNTV adjustments have been made by millet and millet TV box, and in the form of notices to inform the user that has been adjusted accordingly and specifications for the platform part of the program.

In addition to the current

iCNTV network platform, using music as television, music boxes, Tmall’s box Wasu license has not yet appeared similar to the announcement appeared.

insiders have said, SARFT regulation of the content to the implementation of the landing will take some time, during which SARFT will also communicate with the license side repeatedly. But it is clear that SARFT has been determined by the rapid improvement of Internet tv.

forerunner: iCNTV rectify content

the iCNTV on the content of the rectification, from recent news publishing SARFT interviewed seven licenses, criticized the CNTV’s future TV (iCNTV), accusing it of broadcasting platform OTT rectification. SARFT is the focus of the problem is that there is a large number of broadcast control platform does not require copyright TV programs and the contents of the public Internet output.

it’s not the first time that iCNTV has been asked to change the content. Prior to this, the platform has been on the SARFT SARFT and commercial sites are not allowed to cooperate with the requirements of the zone model, the product has been carried out in the original Sohu area rectification.

but when Sina Technology discovered that the time adjustment is to the original "Sohu area was renamed hit zone, the modified hit zone and prior to the" Sohu zone "in the content and there is no difference. In this adjustment, the "hot zone" has been deleted.

subsequently, SARFT and other products for the Internet and other Internet products made UI substandard, requiring the license side to lead the design of UI.

request for iCNTV constantly make adjustments, the most affected millet said that the contents of the box or TV millet all dominated by iCNTV, has not yet received the relevant notice from SARFT, once formally notified, millet will be strictly in accordance with relevant state provisions.

The rapid development of

, Internet TV, TV media platforms such strict supervision appeared blind, but also to the Internet television signs disorderly development, based on this specification SARFT license by the way and had issued "hold Internet TV operator license management requirements" (i.e. "Document No. 181"), start in the first half of the time, frequent Internet TV shot.

ultimate judge: "Document No. 181"

from the beginning of June, SARFT Internet TV regulatory attitude more and more severe, product reviews are more and more detailed, the wording has become unprecedentedly severe, subsequent which is not required by the administration to do to recover the license, do not bring good treatment >

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