Website Shoes Of Prey mode recommended personalized shoes custom service

Beijing on May 17th news, according to foreign media reports, Shoes of Prey is an Australian startups, you can design their own shoes on its website, then the company will put these shoes made according to your design and delivery in 5 weeks. Shoes of Prey help some women realize the dream of finding the perfect shoes.

most of the current Shoes Of Prey business from outside the United States, the following is a Shoes of Prey user experience report:


Shoes of Prey web page (Tencent technology plan)

friend gave me a Shoes Of Prey gift coupons, let me customize a pair of shoes for free. I didn’t even know about the existence of the Shoes Of Prey, but this custom shoe was fantastic. Although in the beginning when I design the shoes a little confused, because too much, once I settled down to carefully consider the types of shoes, and the type I like to add to the collection, customization process becomes easy and pleasant.

Shoes in of Prey, you can choose various types (such as sandals, single shoes, boots and so on) and then start the real process of customization. Then you need to consider the details (open toed shoes, the shoe heel exposed and so on), and then select the height and type of heel (high heels, with a slope, etc.), accessories (with a bow, with lace, shoe loops and so on), and fabric (leather, leather, cotton, fur etc.).


custom page (Tencent technology plan)

also has a lot of choices, which is why it will make the design of the shoes of the user of the reasons for the dazzling. But the service needs to be improved, in fact, mainly in detail. Like grommets, rivets, bow like details may make non customized shoes than custom advantage.

well, I submitted the order in early April, and then received a notice saying "your shoes will be issued in May 8, 2012", which makes me frustrated by the lack of patience, but the shoes were sent in advance.

the shoes on this site are between $180 and $300, and you will be more concerned about the details of the shoes when you buy them. Shoes of Prey provides thoughtful customer service. Second days after I got the delivery notice, DHL sent it to my office. I am a particular customer, but shoes packaging is very attractive, and the company with some improved wearing comfort accessories, such as the heel pad like, such services have.

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