Adsense nets and Ya Ya formally concluded a strategic partnership

webmaster network (, Ya frog ( the two sides reached a strategic cooperation intention from now on. Stationmaster net is the outstanding website representative in Chinese stationmaster, elegant frog is the representative of burgeoning Web3.0 idea. In order to promote the popularity and development of Internet users Chinese, promote their own blog and website owners, the two sides through friendly consultations, the spirit of equality and cooperation, promote the popularization of the Internet Chinese principle, jointly made the following statement of intent cooperation:

first, the webmaster network and Ya Ya formally concluded a strategic partnership in the future development of in-depth cooperation intentions.

two, Ya Ya for the webmaster RSS address of the network to create a specific module, recommended to all users of the frog.

three, Ya frog and webmaster network to add each other as partners link.

four, network owners (owners) selected excellent website or blog, recommended by the special custom module to frogs frogs users into frogs (see ya Widget plan with frog log Widget plan), or help Adsense blog promotion.

five, Ya frog will be produced in the DM leaflets, posters and other publicity, printed on the webmaster network partner name.

six, the strategic cooperation letter of intent jointly issued on both sides of the platform, the two sides to strengthen contact and communication, regular exchange of views, and jointly contribute to the development of China’s Internet industry.

webmaster network (

Ya frog (

________________________, the company introduced the

Ya frog original polymerization technology of WidgetRank, and used in the service of frogs, frogs through innovation and new applications, showing the "RSS + search + personalized custom polymerization polymerization platform" mode, strengthen the convenience of user access to information.

Polymerization technology and algorithm of

frogs innovative WidgetRank, can automatically and efficiently capture and analysis, blog, forum, any polymerization sites such as RSS address, and in accordance with the users of free choice reading way, frogs quickly has become an important platform for users to read the news, blogs and personalized.

frog will bring you a whole new world and experience:

· search Customization: keyword aggregation, you can enter the information of interest keywords, frogs can immediately find the information you want in the mass of information, you can also customize the polymerization, such information to the elegant.

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